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CHP Women's Spiewak Ripstop Long Sleeve Shirt


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CHP Women's Spiewak Ripstop Long Sleeve Shirt
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Mandatory Embellishments

  • This shirt comes with two (2) CHP patches sewn onto both shoulders.

Optional Embellishments

  • Sergeant Chevrons can be added to both sleeves of this shirt for an additional $18.00
  • Years of Service Hashmarks can be added to the left sleeve of this shirt for $3.00 per hashmark and a $6.00 sewing fee ($9.00 - $36.00 for 1-10 hashmarks)

Product Description

Experience the perfect blend of form and function with the Women's Spiewak Ripstop Long Sleeve Shirt, an approved California Highway Patrol (CHP) uniform. Here's what makes this shirt a standout choice for law enforcement professionals:

  • Silicone Grip Retention System: Keeps your shirt neatly tucked in to maintain a professional appearance at all times.
  • Permanent Military Stitched Creases: Sharp, defined lines that convey a sense of authority and discipline, essential for any law enforcement officer.
  • Zippered Front Closure: Provides a secure fit and streamlined look, ensuring quick and easy dressing without compromising on style.
  • Hidden Chest Pocket: Offers a subtle and convenient storage space for essentials, maintaining the shirt’s sleek profile.
  • Washable Ripstop Fabric: The ripstop fabric allows for resistance to tearing, making it both durable and easy to care for.
  • Ease of Care: Machine washable fabric allows for easy maintenance, ensuring the shirt looks crisp day after day.

Designed with the needs of the CHP in mind, this shirt is the epitome of practicality and professionalism for those who serve and protect.


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