ID Verification Process

At Ace Uniforms, our commitment goes beyond providing high-quality law enforcement uniforms—it extends to upholding the safety, security, and integrity of our community. Therefore, some items with department insignia are not available to purchase by the general public and require customer to be pre-verified before they can purchase. We've instituted a thorough yet straightforward 3 step ID verification process.

Step 1: Complete the form below

Fill out the form below with your name, department email address, and department name.

Step 2: Await Confirmation

Our team will review the form below and email you a confirmation with your account details within 24-48 hours.

Step 3: Login and Start Shopping

Login using the account details provided by our team, and you should be granted access to purchase your department products.

Why You Should Get Verified

Shopping at Ace Uniforms online eliminates the hassle of visiting a local store, offering you the ultimate convenience from wherever you are. Our swift order processing ensures rapid turnaround times, getting your uniform to you faster than most local options and delivered right to your door. By getting verified, you're not just ensuring security but also unlocking a seamless, trusted shopping experience. Enjoy the blend of convenience, speed, and authenticity, all in one place with Ace Uniforms.


Why is ID verification necessary?

To ensure only authorized law enforcement individuals can purchase restricted items on our site. This promotes safety and legitimacy.

Is my personal information safe?

Yes, Ace Uniforms respects your privacy. We will only use your ID for verification purposes and will not share or store it unnecessarily.

How long does the verification process take?

Typically, within 24-48 hours

How do I know if I am authorized to purchase a product?

You will receive an email from our customer services team alerting you of your authorization. If you are authorized to purchase a certain product, you will see the following green box message on the product page once you are signed in to your authorized account. You can add these items to your cart for purchase.

If you see the red box below on the product page, you are not approved to purchase and must go through the verification process. If you have been verified and approved previously and are seeing the red box message below, please sign in to you verified account to purchase.

Do I need to go through verification every time I want to purchase a restricted item?

No, once you are verified to purchase items for a specific department, you do not need to reverify everytime you want to make a purchase. One and done!

Questions or Concerns?

Our goal is to make the verification process as simple and seamless as possible. If you have any questions about the process please email us at or call us (619) 233-0227

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